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          Chapel and 学术中心





          能够容纳100余人 - - 在建筑物的心脏二层开放式中庭允许协同工作,学习和特殊事件,比如我们的棕色袋子午餐系列,其中周期性带来的校友和家长的科学专业知识背校园与学生,教师和工作人员说话。

          Designed by EYP Architecture & Engineering of Boston and built by Shawmut Design and Construction, the 学术中心 was built to achieve LEED Gold certification and boasts several sustainable features, including solar hot water and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems; solar panels on the roof capable of powering 7 percent of the building’s lighting systems; a geothermal system able to heat and cool the Rios Conservatory on the building’s second floor; and sensors in each room that can automatically turn off lights or lower interior lighting if it’s bright outside.

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